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Itaewon Stacked Bathhouse

Year 2 Building Proposal

This project was awarded the Victor Kite Prize for Design Technology for distinguished work in Design Technology (Year 2), a Bartlett School of Architecture module that evolves students' technical and architectural expertise in detail design.

A smorgasbord building proposal, showcasing a selection of media including hand sketches, conceptual models, unfolded drawings and a final model with animated projections.


Sited on the boundaries of three distinct areas - Halal Hill, Homo Hill and Hooker Hill - the project proposes a double stacked bathhouse using layered drawings, an animated projection on a physical model and an exploded physical model. The lower tier consists of a series of salted soak baths, while the naturally warmer upper tier houses steam rooms. Strategic roof lights, voids, fenestration and double and triple height spaces offer glimpses of the site context to an otherwise deeply intimate building. The staircases connecting baths and steam rooms are on the outside of the building, allowing boundaries to be blurred between inside and out.

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